Blended Coffee

It’s another beautiful morning here in Northern Michigan, I’ve really been enjoying getting up early and making the most out of my days. It’s actually been rather refreshing to try to get back into this kind of routine. Before the sun rises you basically have the world to yourself, even if it’s only for less than… Read More Blended Coffee


Lilac Milk

It’s Sunday so I’ll keep things short and sweet. With summer rolling in hot, I couldn’t be happier about the warmer temperatures  and natures beauty being in full bloom. There’s so much to look forward to this time of year hiking, bonfires, camping, spending time at the beach, farmers markets, and of course flowers! If you follow me… Read More Lilac Milk

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Golden Milk Ice Cream/ Ice Cream Sandwiches

  Well the day has finally arrived to launch the site. I honestly wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into starting this page. I’ve learned that Google and Plugins are you best friends, when it comes to solving WordPress problems. Mad props to Plugin creators, you know whats up!  I’d also like to thank… Read More Golden Milk Ice Cream/ Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Bath Bombs

  For most of us Sunday is a day of relaxation, as it should be. I believe that after a long hard week of work you owe it to yourself to kick back and relax. Whether your idea of relaxing is kicking back with a glass of wine and binge watching a series on Netflix… Read More Bath Bombs